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Gregg Hill

Jazz Composer
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The Door is Open
The Music of Gregg Hill

February 2, 2024

Jazz Weekly Review —January 29, 2024

..."Napoleon teams up with a core of Quincy Davis/dr, Rick Roe/p and Aubrey Johnson/voc and a mix and match with Rodney Whitaker-Lucas LaFave/b, Walter Blanding/ts, Andrew Kim/tb and Anthony Stanco/tp for the interpretations. Roe gives a modal feel with rich horns in support on the muscular title tune, with Napoleon and Whitaker delivering swinging solos, while an understated “April Song” features the three in dreamy impressions.

Johnson uses her voice in a variety of designs and settings, harmonizing gloriously with the horns on the big and bold “Triple Play” while wordlessly bopping with the rhythm section digging in on “The Last Pop Tune”. She’s slinky on the swampy “Motel Blues” and nimble on the obstacle course lines with Kim on “Escape To Cat Island”. A sensuous “The Lost Tune” has her lyrics gliding around Napoleon’s tasty strings, while the highlight, a breezy “Spa-Taneity” features tricky lines that stop and start with Napoleon’s guitar conversing with Johnson in both words and sounds. The band is tighter than Beyonce’s leggings, and as melodic as Mozart’s serenades Napoleon is dynamite!"

by George W. Harris • January 29, 2024

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Available through OriginArts

Downbeat 4-star review May 2024

Technocats FCover Art.jpg

The Music of Gregg Hill

August 2023 Release

Charting #1 on RMR!

This dynamic new album features many delicious flavors, while grounded firmly in clasic straight ahead mid-century jazz styles, it is music designed for contemporary times. Hill’s memorable themes are used as springboards for narratives by each member of this fine group with solos that are always tasteful, lyrical and accessible. “Technocats” will have far reaching appeal to jazz fans across the spectrum.



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The Other Shoe Cover.jpg

The Other Shoe
The Music of Gregg Hill
On the Origin Arts Record Label

April 2023

All About Jazz:

"... one of the best albums of the year..."

Jazz Weekly:

"The compositions each have clever mood swings and veer off into various blue highways, making the sonic journey worth paying attention to. Brass tacks!"


Origin Records:

Perennial DownBeat Critics Poll winner, trombonist Michael Dease has embraced his role as a torchbearer for his mentors and the great jazz ancestors over his 15 deeply-swinging, state-of-the-art mainstream recordings. For The Other Shoe, Dease teams with the formidable composer Gregg Hill, expanding his rhythmic & harmonic palette with a flexible, in-the-moment perspective while remaining true to the sensibilities at his musical core. With the prodigiously talented pianist Geoffrey Keezer as a central foil...

Pick up your copy of the CD today at our store!

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