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Cold Plunge Records Releases First Album!

May 2019

Dancing Light

The Music of Gregg Hill

The Outrospectives are an all-star band on the new record label Cold Plunge Records. The Band is led by Elden Kelly joining Detroit’s Ralphe Armstrong and Gayelynn McKinney with the East coast players Tucker Antell and Cory Pesaturo. This live recording session captures all the dynamism, energy and excitement of this fantastic group for the first time together in concert.


"A tone cluster sits beside a buoyant odd meter; angular sonorities and memorable melodic contours take shape. Jumbled scrawls decorate a page. A cat sits atop a piano. Melodic accessibility and a range of moods; these are the soundscape designs of Gregg Hill, jazz composer.

Hill enjoys the dialogue between his compositions, interpretation and improvisation. There are often images, stories, and characters that go with his music. I think the key to interpreting his music is to get inside the feeling that the music evokes. As a band we want to bring the listener on the journey of discovery one makes while improvising, and also to sense the intent of the written notes to evoke a time, place, mood or other personal experience. We hope you enjoy the music (see album below); we certainly enjoy performing it."


— Elden Kelly  

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Cold Plunge Records is a new private label, established in 2018 to capture fresh, innovative jazz material in mainly live settings and featuring top artists from across the global jazz scene.

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