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Composer Gregg Hill grew up in central Michigan in a household where the music was always playing. As a small child, he remembers conga lines snaking through the house on Saturday nights to the sound of jazz. His parents, Norma and Ken, were part of the swing craze in the big band era. His sister Susan, also plays piano and is a life-long music lover.

In high school, Gregg played sax in a stage band and headed up a quintet. He loved the saxophone, but the piano had a stronger allure as far as creative possibilities. The piano took over completely when he was bitten by the jazz writing bug.

Gregg's parent's love of music and piano jazz (in particular) was a great source of his inspiration.

Published Music

I’m pleased to announce the release of my newest book of original jazz compositions Spontaneity! It has 41 new tunes I’ve been working for more than 3 decades. The tunes are quite approachable and encompass a broad range of styles and moods. Most are amenable to on-the-spot arrangements and would make good Jam session material. My goal is to get the music out, have it played, get it into the hands of the people who love jazz and have it be enjoyed by all. Music is the common ground on which many of us stand. A good performance unifies a gathering, never divides it. Let the music reign!    —Gregg Hill


Both Spontaneity and my first book Outrospecitves are available at Keys to Creativity in Lansing or directly from Gregg Hill Jazz Store.  In the upcoming weeks look for new web content and blog "news" posts including audio samples, upcoming events, and shows. Elden Kelly and I are planning a new show this fall, in or near Ann Arbor. Sign up for our most recent news and show information. 

Album Releases

  1. "Tone Colors" & "The Door is Open" Show Sampler available through Gregg Hill Jazz Store.

  2. "Common Ground" featuring Rodney Whitaker and the music of Gregg Hill available on Gregg Hill's web site store and through Origin Records

  3. "Dancing Light" The Outropectives perform the music of Gregg Hill on Cold Plunge Records.