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Although Detroit has long been recognized as a Midwest epicenter of jazz, from which many legendary players have emerged, the adjacent city of East Lansing, should also be acknowledged for its notable pool of players, many of which have ties in some way to the fantastic jazz studies program at Michigan State University (MSU). All members of “Technocats” have this MSU connection. Composer Gregg Hill, has taken full advantage of this talent proximity by way of his latest album “Technocats”.

This album cements Gregg Hill’s reputation not only as an excellent jazz composer but also as a producer. The variety of rhythmic tunes make the quartet cover many delicious emotional flavors, while grounded firmly in classic straight ahead mid-century jazz styles, it is music designed for contemporary times.

 This dynamic “Technocats” band includes Chris Glassman, on bass trombone, Nathan Borton, on guitar, Xavier Davis, on piano and Javier Enrique, on bass. They showcase a wide range, depth and artistic maturity. Hill’s memorable themes are used as springboards for narratives by each member of this fine group with solos that are always tasteful, lyrical and accessible. “Technocats” will have far reaching appeal to jazz fans across the spectrum.




CHRIS GLASSMAN    bass trombone






1          Come On Down - 5:13  (Arr. Javier Enrique)

2          Elden’s Bop - 4:26  (Arr. Seth Ebersole)

3          Go Figure! - 5:34  (Arr. Nathan Borton)

4          I Want To Live - 6:43  (Arr. Chris Glassman)

5          Inside Straight - 4:47  (Arr. Michael Reed)

6          Loisiana - 5:08  (Arr. Nathan Borton)

7          Never Forget - 6:32  (Arr. Chris Glassman)

8          Ristra! Ristra! - 4:04  (Arr. Chris Glassman)

9          Sunny Daze - 5:14  (Arr. Javier Enrique)

10        Thank You Notes - 3:32   (Arr. Chris Glassman)


Produced by Gregg Hill, Chris Glassman and Nathan Borton

Recorded May 15, 2022, Released August, 2023

Recorded audio at Stone Soup by Eric Sills in Maumee, Ohio

Mixed by Nathan Borton

Mastered by Jim Alfredson

Album design by Lynne Brown

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TECHNOCATS The Music of Gregg Hill

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