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Upcoming Shows:

November 1st

Canterbury House- Ann Arbor

Technocats will be performing the music of jazz composer Gregg Hill.

Nathan Borton - guitar
Seth Ebersole - saxophones
Javier Arguello - bass
Michael Reed - drums

Composer Gregg Hill grew up in central Michigan in a household where the music was always playing. As a small child, he remembers conga lines snaking through the house on Saturday nights to the sound of jazz. His parents, Norma and Ken, were part of the swing craze in the big band era. His sister Susan, also plays piano and is a life-long music lover.

In high school, Gregg played sax in a stage band and headed up a quintet. He loved the saxophone, but the piano had a stronger allure as far as creative possibilities. The piano took over completely when he was bitten by the jazz writing bug.


Gregg's parents love of music and piano jazz (in particular) was a great source of his inspiration.


November 14th

Blue Owl Music Series- East Lansing

Elden Kelly sponsored by Gregg Hill and Cold Plunge Records

Thursday, November 14th, 2019

7:30 PM

Blue Owl Coffee East Lansing

213 Ann St Suite C, East Lansing, MI 48823

November 15th

Robin Theatre

1105 S. Washington Avenue

Lansing, MI 48910


7pm show, 6:30 doors

A powerhouse Jazz trio, featuring Rafael Statin, Elden Kelly & Jesse Kramer! The group will perform compositions by Gregg Hill, blending world sounds and experimental improvisations to create a truly unique and exciting sound!  This performance will also incorporate stage dressings and theatrical elements, crafted and performed by local artisans. 

More about the band:

MOONDUCK is a new trio featuring the powerhouse Detroit multi-wind/keys player Rafael Statin, world-jazz fusion classical guitarist Elden Kelly, and jazz percussion wizard Jesse Kramer.  The group was assembled to premiere the work of Lansing jazz composer Gregg Hill, who released his most recent book of original compositions entitled Moonducks.  The music ranges from post-Coltrane modal jazz, Latin styles and Indian-influenced music.  Statin's EWI, bass flute and multiple saxes, acoustic piano and synth create dynamic backdrops for the storytelling to unfold.  Kelly's nylon string guitar and steel string fretless guitar sing with elements of jazz and influences from classical, flamenco and Indian music.  Underpinning the group's sound is Jesse Kramer, who's acoustic and electronic percussion elevate the group's signature presentation of jazz and contemporary improvised music.  Join us for an unforgettable show full of virtuosity and engaging improvisation.

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December 10th

Jazz Tuesdays at Moriarty's

802 E Michigan Avenue, Lansing, MI 48912


Technocats will be performing the music of jazz composer Gregg Hill.Nathan Borton - guitarSeth Ebersole - saxophonesJavier Arguello - bassMichael Reed - drums

December 12th

Blue Owl Music Series- East Lansing

Nate Borton sponsored by Gregg Hill Jazz

Thursday, December 12th, 2019

7:30 PM

Blue Owl Coffee East Lansing

213 Ann St Suite C, East Lansing, MI 48823