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April 2023


"A model of consistency, style and grace, Michael Dease stays at the head of the class among jazz trombonists."   SOMETHING ELSE!


Perennial DownBeat Critics Poll winner, trombonist Michael Dease has embraced his role as a torchbearer for his mentors and the great jazz ancestors over his 15 deeply-swinging, state-of-the-art mainstream recordings. For The Other Shoe, Dease teams with the formidable composer Gregg Hill, expanding his rhythmic & harmonic palette with a flexible, in-the-moment perspective while remaining true to the sensibilities at his musical core. With the prodigiously talented pianist Geoffrey Keezer as a central foil, Dease brings along a wide-ranging collection of musicians, each specifically brought in for their unique outlooks and talents, including clarinetist Virginia MacDonald, Liany Mateo on bass, and drummer Colleen Clark, among others. 



1. Wake Up Call 3:28 
2. Scooter's Dream 6:48 
3. Hello, Blues 8:15 
4. The Goodbye Blues 5:39 
5. The Sleeper 8:11 
6. The Classic 5:33 
7. Rio Mio 6:04 
8. Summer Nights 5:50 
9. Shorty's Tune 4:25 
10. The Other Shoe 14:53 

All compositions by Gregg Hill (Gregg Hill Publishing LLC)
Arranged by Michael Dease


Michael Dease - trombone (all) baritone saxophone (4,7,10), percussion (4) 
Virginia MacDonald - clarinet 
Geoffrey Keezer - piano (1,2,3,5,6,9) 
Luther Allison - piano (4,7,8), Fender Rhodes (10) 
Liany Mateo - bass 
Colleen Clark - drumset & cymbals 
Rodney Whitaker - bass (3) (2nd bass solo) 
Kevin Jones - percussion (5,7,10) 
Gwendolyn Dease - percussion (5,7,10) 
Joel Perez - trombone (4,7)


Recorded & mixed by Corey De Rushia, Troubadour Recording Studios, Lansing, Michigan 
September 5-6, 2022 
Mastered by Josh Connolly at Studio A, Las Vegas, NV 
Photography by Lynne Brown, Williamston, MI 
Liner notes by Ted Panken 
Cover design & layout by John Bishop


Michael Dease "The Other Shoe" The Music of Gregg Hill

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