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Summer Release New Album!


“Portrait of the Artist” is truly a gem of an album. A great pairing of memorable and evocative musical paintings played talented musicians and artists. It’s certainly a lovely “Portrait” of the music of jazz composer Gregg Hill —rendered in exquisite detail by band leader Ben Rosenblum on piano, Ben Zweig on drums and Marty Jaffe on bass.


This album entices repeated listens with its tunefulness and range of moods. The sound of classic jazz piano trio records are all here, such as on “New Sunday,” recalling an Ellingtonian “Money Jungle” palette. The echoes of Bill Evans in “Portrait of the Artist,” Ahmad Jamal and McCoy Tyner in “Modal Yodel” that are all delightfully present in Hill’s writing are taken as springboards for the stories to unfold.


The title track “Portrait of the Artist” is played sensitively and lyrically. The arco bass solo that follows the theme has an effective texture, plumbing the depths like an incantation over a drone, rising to meet the chord change before the piano solo. The percussion’s timbre shifts and the group dances as if around a musical ritual fire.


Shipping (within the contenental U.S.) is included in the price!

Portrait Of The Artist: The Music of Gregg Hill

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