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Ritmo Patria strolls the inter-tidal zones where Latin music and straight-ahead jazz surge, splash and pool together. It’s a barefoot dance that’s been going on for nearly 100 years. Just as no two sunsets on the beach are the same, this unique musical encounter is colored by a very specific set of people and circumstances. 


This album is an outstanding collaboration between, jazz composer Gregg Hill, and bandleader Mike Eyia. The chords punched out by the whole band provoke percussion vapor trails, like collisions in an atom smasher. The cross-currents of cool analysis and sweaty partying shouldn’t work on paper, but they make this collaboration — and the whole project — pop! 


Mike Eyia, bandleader, arranger, Latin percussion, guitar, and vocals

Mike Daniels,  drums

Jon Gewirtz,  saxophone

Arlene McDaniel,  keyboards, chart writing, arranging

Terry Newman,  bass

Xavier Rosario,  Latin percussion

Gregg Hill, composer

Ritmo Patria (Rhythm of the Homeland)

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