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Nov 2022


There has always been a very high degree of comfort at work in this disc by the contrabassist Rodney Whitaker – an album entitled Oasis – The Music of Gregg Hill. Mr Whitaker and the composer Gregg Hill have collaborated on two other occasions and the output has been exciting and elegant. The repertoire on this disc doesn’t simply pick up from where both men left off in 2021 with the music on Outrospection. In fact, the music takes a proverbial leap forward.


The ease with which these two – and indeed for all the musicians in Mr Whitaker’s ensemble – come from the fact that all of the music on this disc was composed for friends, freeing the composer from the demands of formality and allowing him to engage in an epigrammatic style in which the motor energy makes for the engagement of the occasional battle that ensues when each of the musicians – from Mr Whitaker down – indulge in putting their own idiomatic touch on the composer’s artistic vision.


...This is music that is gentle, touching and painted in sensible human proportions – mimicking new paths in old forests… some old genes newly – and eloquently – expressed…

Deo gratis!...


              — Raul Da Gama,


Tracks – 1: Betty’s Tune; 2: Puppets; 3: Minorabilia; 4: Interlude; 5: Sunday Afternoon; 6: The Jazzdiddy Waltz; 7: S’Cool Days; 8: Blues for Gregg; 9: Fan-O-Gram; 10: To the Well; 11: Oasis


Musicians – Terell Stafford: trumpet and flugelhorn; Tim Warfield: tenor and soprano saxophones; Bruce Barth: piano; Rodney Whitaker: contrabass; Dana Hall: drums; Rockelle Fortin: vocals [1,4,10,11]


Released – 2022
Label – Origin Records [82860]
Runtime – 1:12:45


Rodney Whitaker: OASIS

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