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The Tuning Fork is the fourth book in a series of original jazz compositions by Gregg Hill.


"Writing is like skipping a flat stone across the surface of the subconscious mind”  — Gregg Hill


Continuing directions from his previous collection, Moonducks, the tunes explore the interaction of simple melodicism and clever dissonances. Making unusual sounds accessible through catchy and memorable themes, you’ll find fresh and novel approaches to chord voicings and tunes that are at once quirky and engaging. Intermediate and advanced musicians will find the tunes very accessible, playable and fun to read solo at the piano or to adapt to ensembles. Take a dive into the world of The Tuning Fork today!


Book price is $24.95 plus $10 shipping to Continental U.S. (included in the price of $34.95)


The Tuning Fork: The Music of Gregg Hill

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