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HOT OFF THE PRESS! April 12, 2022 — Get Your Early Release Album!


“Puppets” is the second Randy Napoleon/Gregg Hill collaboration. The first album was Brothers, released in 2019. Randy’s vision for Puppets developed during the editing portion of Brothers. He had a persistent view that he needed to pair up with a singer for the next project. After many years of performing with Freddy Cole, choosing a singer seemed like a natural choice for Randy. Aubrey Johnson proved to be the perfect match for the vocal/guitar blended sound. Randy emerged as a lyricist for several of the Gregg Hill tunes and Johnson embraced that combo and enhanced it with her own sublime vocal styling on all of the tracks. Rodney Whitaker (bass), Quincy Davis (drums), Rick Roe (piano), Seth Ebersole (bass clarinet & flute), Brandon Rose (bass) and Will Crandell (drums)bring Randy's vision to life with deep sensitivity to the material and some fiery intensity on their own.


Album guest artists include:


[Listen to Tune Samples]



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PUPPETS (Early Pre-Release Album)

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