Ben Rosenblum: "Portrait of the Artist"

Cold Plunge Records releases the new Album “Portrait of the Artist” the music of jazz composer Gregg Hill —rendered in exquisite detail by band leader Ben Rosenblum on piano. The full album also features Ben Zweig on drums and Marty Jaffe on bass. Rosenblum shares one of the special tracks in this newly released album. The full album features Rosenblum on piano, Ben Zweig on drums and Marty Jaffe on bass. To purchase the CD shop our store> For more information on Cold Plunge Records visit:

PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST The Music of Gregg Hill Featuring the Ben Rosenblum Trio

Rosenblum is a vessel of insight among the sea of jazz pianists today. What sets him apart from his contemporaries is his imaginative wit, economy, sense of proportion and motivic logic. He is a wonderful choice for Gregg Hill’s music, with his firm grasp of the jazz piano tradition and great breadth of stylistic mastery. Where there are Monkisms and Tynerisms in the musical language, Rosenblum is attentive without ever resorting to mimicry. This album entices repeated listens with its tunefulness and range of moods. The sound of classic jazz piano trio records are all here, such as on “New Sunday,” recalling an Ellingtonian “Money Jungle” palette. The echoes of Bill Evans in “Portrait of th

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