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"Oasis" is the newest collaboration with bassist Rodney Whitaker and composer Gregg Hill.

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Making a Scene

November 26, 2022

Bassist Rodney Whitaker is back with his third album dedicated to music of his East Lansing neighbor, composer Gregg Hill, with Oasis.…a swinging, swaying set of music that both honors tradition and injects enough surprises to keep one guessing.”

— Jim Hynes, Making a Scene

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Jazz Gamma

Nov 17, 2022

“Mr Whitaker and the composer Gregg Hill have collaborated on two other occasions and the output has been exciting and elegant. The repertoire on this disc doesn’t simply pick up from where both men left off in 2021 with the music on Outrospection. In fact, the music takes a proverbial leap forward.

…this music gives the most sustained pleasure you would expect from an hour+ long disc. Mr Whitaker and his ensemble play with brilliant focus and timbral variety bringing electric flashes of harmonic and rhythmic energy to even the simplest of melodies.

This is music that is gentle, touching and painted in sensible human proportions – mimicking new paths in old forests… some old genes newly – and eloquently – expressed…”

Raul Da Gama, Jazz Gamma

To purchase OASIS visit our Gregg Hill Jazz store or visit Origin Records


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